Private lessons. Better grades.

Exclusive tuition in Neustadt Weinstrasse, Hassloch, Landau and Edenkoben.
Individual tutoring for better school grades.

Tutoring offers

We offer a wide range of subjects and create an individual learning concept for each student.

Exclusive private lessons

We create the right learning concept for everyone. Our intensive one-to-one tuition takes individual needs into account and successfully resolves gaps in knowledge.

Learning strategy training

With our learning strategy training we help overcome learning barriers. This enables efficient learning in all subjects and at all types of schools.

Exam preparation

In addition to individual lessons, we also support our students in intensive phases of exam preparation.

Permanent tutor

To create a supportive learning atmosphere, we guarantee you a permanent tutor without changing.

Home tutoring

Our lessons take place at your own desk in a familiar environment. For this we come to your home.

Subjects and tutoring

Our tutoring for all types of school in the subjects: Math, English, German, natural sciences (biology, physics, chemistry), economics and informatics.

Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team knows the curriculum of all types of schools. Elementary school, Realschule +, grammar school, vocational schools and vocational college.


Focus on science and English.


Qualified teacher with a special educational focus.


Science, math & English from grades 5-13


Contact person for math, business administration and IT subjects for all types of schools.


Expert in the foreign languages ​​English, French and Latin.

Work for us

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Extra tuition from Neustadt to Landau

Edenkoben Hassloch (Pfalz) Landau Neustadt (Weinstraße)

We teach all types of school: elementary school, secondary school plus, grammar school, higher vocational school (media design, business), vocational grammar schools, special schools as well as integrated and cooperative comprehensive schools. We look after our tuition students from Landau via Edenkoben to Neustadt and Hassloch.