Tutoring in English

The foreign language subject English

The basic building blocks for the first foreign language are laid in primary school. In primary education there are either first lessons in English or French. The majority of students in Germany start with English as their first foreign language.

The elementary school children get their first impressions of a new language in a playful way. Many songs are sung and rhymes are practiced. Primary school books and workbooks support the learning process.

In the secondary schools, the foreign language teaching starts again thematically, so it is not assumed that the 5th grade students have any prior knowledge.

However, a lot of vocabulary and great learning progress are expected very quickly in the orientation level. This is also the crux of the matter and often the first situation where many students are overwhelmed. Action is required here quickly. Is your child overwhelmed, gets bad grades and is reluctant to learn? Support them immediately, in an appropriate form (learning together and doing homework, supporting older students with friends or family or professional tutoring).

Existing gaps in learning a language can only be made up with a lot of time and effort. Missing vocabulary cannot simply be ignored; your child misses it all through school.