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Tutoring in German lesson

For which classes do we offer tuition in German?

If your child has problems keeping up with German lessons, it is advisable to think about tutoring. Often pupils lose the joy of the subject German and their school grades drop. The faster the causes are resolved, the quicker problems in German can be dealt with.

Special offers for literacy (LRS)

Reading weaknesses (LRS) can be present if the ability to read and write does not correspond to the state of development in students. The LRS manifests itself, for example, in a large number of errors when reading aloud as well as constant self-corrections. It is often a great challenge for students with LSR to understand the meaning of a text. Reading competence is usually limited and manifests itself through tedious reading of text modules and sentences word by word.

In the meantime, almost all German textbooks work in spelling training using the so-called FRESCH method. The basis of the method is the multi-channel learning of spelling at the beginning of elementary school: It is based on five strategies: children recognize 50% of German words by swinging, the other half by lengthening, deriving, rules and keywords.

However, especially in grammar school textbooks, the corresponding exercise material is very tight after the introduction of a strategy or a new topic. Often only the basic strategies (spoken writing, lengthening and deriving), sometimes slightly modified, are introduced. Regular exercise phases are usually not provided. Following the introduction of the strategies, work is often introduced according to individual error focuses. This approach creates additional clutter in their heads, especially for students who need simplified knowledge of the rules due to a learning disability / learning blockade.

This is where individual support must begin and the spelling strategies must be consolidated through targeted practice and internalized for further school careers. LRS pupils can buy additional exercise material. Reading and spelling skills are an absolute prerequisite for enjoying lessons and understanding and solving tasks precisely. Along the southern Weinstrasse, our qualified teachers offer special tutoring services to individually promote reading and spelling skills. We offer private lessons in our catchment area between Neustadt (Weinstrasse) and Landau.

Focus of our tutoring in the LRS area

3rd / 4th Class: Introduction and automation of speech swings, speech writing and the addition of the simple strategies of lengthening and deriving. First exercises on the individual strategies, then texts in which the students have to apply all strategies.

5th / 6th Class: Depending on the performance of the students, continuation from class 3/4, now differentiated according to difficulties: simplest exercises for the individual strategies Exercises for the combined application of all strategies Expansion of basic knowledge by introducing the group of keywords, e.g. using the index card system and exercises.

7th grade: Basic exercises and extensions according to the individual level of ability in time-fixed RS-sequences, depending on the textbook used, high-performing students can then also work according to the focus of errors or, instead of spelling exercises, give completely different tasks to understand text and write.

German tutoring for elementary school

In the first 4 school years, basic knowledge of the German language is imparted. Here it is important that students learn the letters and become familiar with the rules of spelling and grammar. These skills form the basis for a later school career in almost all subjects.

From Landau via Edenkoben to Neustadt an der Weinstraße, our tutors are available for qualified individual lessons in German at your home. We support parents and children in the areas of spelling, punctuation, word families and word modules. In addition, we offer special offers to strengthen reading skills and overcome weaknesses and knowledge gaps.

Our tutors offer the following areas in primary education:

“Writing” competence area: knowledge of letters, writing initial texts according to specified criteria Competence area “Reading”: Support in learning to read, dealing with texts Competence area “Speech and language use”: spelling and first grammar such as basics of punctuation, word modules & word families

Tutoring in German for secondary schools

When switching from elementary school to secondary school, many students have their first problems with the subject of German. The requirements and expectations of grammar as well as analysis and interpretation skills vary in part at grammar schools, secondary schools and integrated comprehensive schools. Many pupils at secondary schools in the southern Weinstrasse area need the following topics:

Our tutors offer the following areas in the orientation level:

Class 5/6:

  • Intensive examination of various grammar and spelling topics
  • Descriptions (person and object description)
  • Text form fairy tales / fables
  • Essay training letter, diary entry
  • write factual reports
  • Reading full texts and first working on literary texts

Our tutors offer the following areas in secondary level 1:

Class 7:

  • Read and analyze factual texts
  • Descriptions (person and object description)
  • Repetition and deepening of various grammar and spelling topics
  • Table of contents

Class 8:

  • linear and dialectical discussion
  • further repetition and deepening of various grammar and spelling topics
  • literary synopsis

Class 9:

  • Interpretation of short stories
  • characterization
  • Factual analysis
  • Poetry interpretation
  • Advanced rules of grammar
  • Approaches to the interpretation of literary whole writings

Grade 10:

  • text-based characterization
  • textual discussion
  • literary whole writings
  • Advanced level: Literary epochs classic works of the epochs Interpretation of all text genres (epic, drama, lyric) Interpretation of discontinuous texts dialectical, text-based discussions

Our tutors offer the following areas in secondary level 2:

Advanced level:

  • Literary epochs
  • classic works of the epochs
  • Interpretation of all text genres (epic, drama, lyric)
  • Interpretation of discontinuous texts
  • dialectical, text-based discussions

Our mobile tutors come to you and your child at home in Neustadt, Hassloch, Edenkoben and Landau. In this way we ensure an optimal learning atmosphere. This forms the basis for successfully eliminating gaps in knowledge and achieving learning goals. We support students from Neustadt to Landau individually and exclusively in preparing for exams (Abitur, Realschule, vocational college).