Natural sciences

Tutoring in Natural sciences

Natural sciences

In the common orientation level of Realschulen plus, integrated and cooperative comprehensive schools and grammar schools, there is the subject association of the natural sciences, mostly abbreviated NaWi.

Here the students get to know the basic biological, chemical and physical structures. Scientific working methods are learned and tried out. Thematically, the orientation level includes, for example, estimating and measuring, the weather, and first impressions of the animal and plant world.

From grade 7, the natural sciences are divided into the following subjects:

  • Biology: the study of living nature
  • Chemistry: the study of substances and changes in substances
  • Physics: the study of inanimate nature.

In the seventh grade, the basics of the individual subjects are deepened and later specified, this includes, for example, the basics of the periodic table in chemistry. Further topics in chemistry are atomic and particle models, substances and their properties, chemical reactions / reaction equations, separation processes and organic chemistry.

Biology deals with the realms of life in the evolution of man and his health. Further biological topics: metabolism, evolution, genetics, nervous system, ecosystems, photosynthesis and many other topics.

In the subject of physics, the fundamentals of mechanics are dealt with too much talked about other physical forces and properties. Other physical topics are electricity, heat, optics as well as atomic and nuclear physics. In the higher grades, physics is increasingly interspersed with mathematical tasks.

The specialty of the natural science subjects is practice. The hobbyhorse of these subjects is experimentation and action-oriented work. In our tutoring, too, we try to explain these subjects with clear exercises and to deepen our knowledge with scientific working methods.