Tutoring in Edenkoben

Large range of tutoring in Edenkoben

Edenkoben is located in the heart of the southern wine route in Rhineland-Palatinate. It is the fourth largest local church in the district. With around 6,700 residents and various schools, the need for tutoring in Edenkoben is clearly noticeable. The city benefits, among other things, from its recognition as a climatic health resort and has therefore enjoyed a steady influx for years. Nachhilfe Weinstrasse looks after pupils of all types of schools in Edenkoben in private lessons at home.

Which schools do our students attend in Edenkoben?

Most of the tuition students in the surrounding communities such as Edesheim, Rhodt attend secondary schools in Neustadt, Landau or Edenkoben after elementary school. Edenkoben offers a Realschule plus with the Cooperative Realschule Edenkoben. In addition, after primary school, you can visit the secondary school in Edenkoben, which is located at the exit of Edenkoben in the direction of the Maikammer. The majority of our students attend one of the two above-mentioned secondary schools: Realschule plus Edenkoben or Gymnasium Edenkoben.

Due to our many years of activity in Edenkoben, we also look after students from the Rhineland-Palatinate State Finance School on site. The Rhineland-Palatinate University of Finance offers corresponding courses. We give students targeted assistance in completing their exams.

In Edenkoben there is also the elementary school Edenkoben, which supplements the school offer with the elementary area.

One-to-one tuition in and around Edenkoben

Our tuition offer in Edenkoben is characterized by the fact that we only teach in exclusive individual lessons. In this way we can respond to the needs of pupils and students in the best possible way and achieve comparatively great progress in a short time.

No matter if Gommersheim, Hainfeld or Venningen. Our tutors come to your home. The tutoring lessons in the Edenkoben room take place in the familiar environment. The ability to concentrate is usually much more pronounced when students do not have annoying travel times.

We have already taught many students from almost all areas of the community of Edenkoben. The journey to the following local communities is included in the price of individual lessons: Altdorf, Böbingen, Burrweiler, Edenkoben, Edesheim, Flemlingen, Freimersheim, Gleisweiler, Gommersheim, Großfischlingen, Hainfeld, Kleinfischlingen, Rhodt unter Rietburg, Roschbach, Venningen and Weyher (Pfalz) in the Palatinate.