Hassloch (Pfalz)

Tutoring in Hassloch (Pfalz)

Private tuition in Hassloch

The association-free community of Hassloch is east of the southern wine route. The location is characterized by the good connection to Mannheim and Ludwigshafen. With almost 20,000 inhabitants, Hassloch offers almost all types of school. Nachhilfe Weinstrasse offers individual tuition in Hassloch, Böhl-Iggelheim, Niederkirchen, Deidesheim and Ruppertsberg. We have been looking after many students from all types of schools in Hassloch for years. Therefore we not only know the “village” very well, but also have knowledge of the individual schools and the current teaching staff. Our tutoring teachers can therefore assess the peculiarities and curricula of individual schools well and optimally support the students in tutoring lessons.

From which schools we supervise tuition students in Hassloch.

Hassloch has a good educational infrastructure. There are several primary schools, which are spread over the entire village. In the elementary level area, we help elementary school students from the Ernst Reuter School, the Schiller School and the Gottlieb Wenz School to deal with individual learning difficulties at an early stage. Our qualified teachers with a background in special education have not only a lot of methodical skills but also relevant practical experience.

Most of our tutoring students from Hassloch attend secondary schools. Our tutoring offers for most subjects such as mathematics and German all classes of secondary level I and II at the Siebenpfeiffer-Realschule plus and at the local high school in Hassloch. In particular, we look after prospective high school graduates with intensive preparation for exams in basic and advanced courses at the Hannah-Arendt-Gymnasium.

Individual tuition: tutoring at home. In and around Hassloch.

Learning difficulties and knowledge gaps are individual from student to student and therefore always require a tailor-made approach to tutoring. Instead of learning groups, our tutoring concept focuses exclusively on individual lessons. In order to create supportive framework conditions, our tutoring teachers visit the students at home. This means that, for example, there are no travel times for students, which in turn has a positive effect on the classroom atmosphere.

Our service always includes the journey to your home. We offer our tuition in Böhl-Iggelheim, Hassloch, Deidesheim, Niederkirchen and Ruppertsberg.