Neustadt (Weinstraße)

Tutoring in Neustadt (Weinstraße)

Home tuition: Individual one-to-one tuition in Neustadt (Weinstrasse)

Neustadt an der Weinstrasse is part of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. The independent city is one of the ten largest cities in Rhineland-Palatinate and offers a wide range of schools. We help students in Neustadt to improve their school grades in almost all subjects. Instead of encouraging frustration in learning, in our tailor-made individual lessons we aim to awaken the students’ desire to learn. Far from group lessons, our teachers can offer targeted tutoring in their own four walls in order to achieve improvements as quickly as possible.

Tutoring teachers in Neustadt and the surrounding area for all types of schools

In Neustadt we offer individual lessons for all types of schools. We look after students in grades 5 – 13 at all three grammar schools in Neustadt and the vocational grammar school, which is connected to the vocational school (BBS). In addition, our tutoring teachers are constantly helping students at Realschule plus. By far the most popular school subject for tutoring in Neustadt is mathematics.

In the secondary level I, secondary level II and the Mainz study level (grades 11 – 13) we help students from the Käthe-Kollwitz-Gymnasium, the Kurfürst-Ruprecht-Gymnasium and the Leibniz-Gymnasium to cope with the subject matter in math We look after high schools intensively at the SBW International School Neustadt – either in German or English. The school landscape in Neustadt is supplemented by a large number of primary schools, special needs schools and specialty schools.

Our tutors know the curriculum of the schools in Neustadt and are very familiar with the specific features of facilities and teachers. For this reason, we can convey teaching content in a goal-oriented and clear manner.